Pregnancy after Uterine Rupture

Super Uterus

A study in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine called “Uterine rupture and subsequent pregnancy outcome – how safe is it?” A 25-year study was published last May and it tells what does happen,  ———-  “46 ruptures, 24 of them did not have a hysterectomy or tubal, 22 of those got pregnant! 20 of those delivered by planned c-section (were NOT allowed to labor) and had NO (ZERO) maternal or fetal complications! The other 2 (and their babies) – died after their uterius ruptured at 32 and 35 weeks at home – THEY DID NOT RECEIVE ANY ROUTINE PRENATAL CARE!!

Child birth after uterine rupture is not to be recommended routinely. Most women with a previous uterine rupture with meticulous tertiary level antenatal care had a favorable outcome in subsequent pregnancies.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy after Uterine Rupture

  1. Melissa Pate says:

    do you have a link to the actual study?

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