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March 13, 2010 – Birth Story #3

Mia – 6 months

My pregnancy with Mia was pretty awful. Much different from my previous two where I loooved being pregnant. This time I had hyperemesis and spent my days in and out of the hospital, eventually having a pic line placed. Yes, fun, I know.

On March 13, 2010 I had my 3rd child (in 2 1/2 years), this being my second c-section.

I spent from 28-32 weeks on bed rest in antennal at Norton Suburban Hospital for preterm labor and dilation. After being discharged I had a couple of trips to ER/triage/dr.office for contractions.

On Wednesday or Thursday during my office visit one of my doctors told me that they found from my previous records that I my previous cesarean incision was a low transverse as well as a classical (inverted T) because the previous OB couldn’t get my 32 weeker son out as he was breech and premature and (I’m guessing) did not want to injure his delicate body.   She told me that because of this they could not let me go much longer into the pregnancy for fear that the incision would start to tear (this meant nothing to me) they scheduled my c-section for a week later but if I had contractions over the weekend to come in and they would just go ahead and deliver.

I had contractions on Saturday morning. I called my dr and she said to head into the hospital. I call my mom to watch the kids and then called my best friend from high school because she said that she wanted to be with me in the delivery room, as my husband was out-of-town. After my mom arrived I went upstairs to take a shower. While in the shower I had a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen. I mean I doubled over and screamed. Just as quickly as it came, it was done. I stood back up and shook my head, confused as to what just happened, I chalked it up to random pregnancy pains and contractions and finished washing my hair.

At the hospital I was examined, I think i was like 7 cm and 80% effaced. I guess non of that mattered since I was going to have a c-section. Everything was chill and relaxed, one of my doctors, Dr. Horelander, came into triage where I was waiting and announced that we were ready to get this baby out! No biggie – right?! Here we go!

I started to get dizzy soon after I entered the OR. I was given a spinal and was having a hard time breathing. I lay on my back with the anesthesiologist over me asking how I was feeling. I’m a slight hypochondriac so,  knowing that it was probably in my head, I replied that I was fine.

The surgery began.

I must have been showing signs of distress, the anesthesiologist kept CALMLY asking if I was okay. I finally gave up and started to tell him that I was going to pass out and I couldn’t breathe. There were beeps and alarms coming from the machines behind me. Each time the he came to ask me how I was feeling, he was calm and composed took one step out of my peripheral and then I would hear him scramble frantically. Quite comical now looking back on it, though I was terrified at the time.

Everyone got very quiet and focused I thought nothing of it, and between the passing out and not being able to breathe My friend, Rhonda, kept holding my hand and telling me that everything was okay but I knew from the look on her face that everything was not.

I remember gasping for air and shaking my head back and forth just knowing that this was it. This was the last day of my life.

I kept asking Rhonda what was wrong…was everything okay…was the baby okay…was she out…why wasn’t she crying??? Rhonda told me that everything was going to be okay and that Mia was so pretty and had lots of curly black hair but once Rhonda looked back over the curtain that the doctors were behind  her eyebrows squeezed together and the worried look came back.

After I had started to stabilize (and before repairing my uterus) my doctor told me, “Jessie, honey, we can’t have any more babies, you’re very lucky that you’re okay. No more okay? We can’t have any “accidents”, your body can’t handle another pregnancy. You’ll have to have an abortion and we don’t want to have to do that as much as you don’t want it! Okay, honey?”  The dr told me my whole front of my uterus was a uterine window. She told me that the parts of the baby that were still in my uterus – it was like looking through a TV screen, like glass, it was that thin.

When they opened me up my uterus was ruptured, the baby had fallen out of my uterus and was sitting on  my bladder, and the cord was around her neck twice. I was also hemorrhaging. My blood pressure kept dropping and that is why I was dizzy, kept blacking out, and was hyperventilating. They gave me a bag of blood and continued the oxygen.

She confirmed the exact spot that ruptured was where I had the sharp pain in the shower. The length of a banana and the shape of a “J’

I did not understand the seriousness of this.

She told me that she was going to try to save my uterus.

She did.

Again, I did not understand the seriousness of this until I got visitors, doctors, nurses etc. Lots of people wanting to meet me…the lady who survived a ruptured uterus. Who’s baby survived a ruptured uterus.  And I really didn’t understand the seriousness of THAT until I got home and googled it.  There’s a 0.07% chance of a uterine rupture. A lot of times the baby and/or mother does not survive. That is due to the extremely small window of opportunity to act.  From the time of diagnosis to delivery, only 10-37 minutes are available before clinically significant fetal morbidity becomes inevitable.

Again, the sharp pain that I had in the shower was at least 2 HOURS prior!

Still worried and unsure of what was happening to my daughter I was wheeled into recover after I had started to stableize. Rhonda called my husband who was 2000 miles away. Told him what had just happened and how serious things were. And that I was okay and Mia would be okay. I now know, according to my OB, this was very wishful thinking. Rhonda and he sobbed on the phone to each other as she told him how beautiful Mia was.

In recovery, where Rhonda and I sat and waited, someone in scrubs came in and asked me if I had been taking any drugs. I had been given vicodin in antenatal every day for my back. So I told her yes, she asked what kind. I told her. She said, “No, Have you been taking any vailum, xanax, etc?”  I told her that I had a prescription and had taken xanax while pregnant and she asked when the last time I took one. I told her when I was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant. The DAY I found out I was pregnant.  She said, “No, nothing recent? Your baby is unresponsive and not breathing. We’ve been pricking her heel with a needle and she is not crying or flinching or anything.”    My mouth dropped open. She left the room, pissed. Because I MUST be a crackhead, right!? lol

So I scheduled a tubal. After several back and forths with insurance (one day it’s a yes, the next they say no – for different reasons) I decided that it was a sign not to get it done. So, I wrote it off…until they said it would be free now lol

I got my tubes tied and immediately regretted it – something was telling me that getting pregnant another child (waaaaaay in the future – hey, i have 3 in less than 3 years!!) wouldn’t have put us in any harm! So I looked it up to see what can REALLY happen.
Very sad that I didn’t come across this info before taking the Dr’s word for it.

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